The BIG news!

bb 5

I am ridiculously and utterly over the moon to announce my baby sister is pregnant! I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!

That was me shouting out loud, from the top of the hill, from the rooftops!

I couldn't be more proud of her and her husband and if it's possible I am completely in love with a bubba who is not even here yet!

She told the boys last night! I think big boy was stunned!

It is such a brilliant day when you reach the magic number 12.

I made her a little flip book to chart the baby's growth! Find the fruit pictures here. I have made the next book up (weeks 13 - 20) and will be posting it to her tomorrow!

This hamper was filled with my old pregnancy books and some packets of crisps - bacon rashers for pink and salt and vinegar chip sticks for blue! Ginger biscuits in case she felt sick and some non alcoholic sparkling wine!

Congratulations my beautiful sister and my precious brother in law xxx