Tiramisu Cocktail Caketail

I love the lead up to Christmas Party season. The perfect excuse to make cocktails and eat nibbles. 

But what could be better than a cake inspired cocktail? Well I can assure you that there is nothing on this earth more delicious and sinful than this Tiramisu Caketail! 

If you missed the lemon cheesecake caketail you can check it out here

I love the smell of coffee beans and the taste of coffee flavoured desserts but don't actually drink the stuff! So this seemed like a super idea.

coffee beans.jpg

I'd recommend the Tiramisu Caketail as an after dinner drink (think a Bailey's alternative). It's easy to mix, and looks great served with a lady finger! 

tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg

Here's what you need... 

tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg


  • Ice
  • Coffee extract or a splash of espresso. I used coffee flavouring that you can buy in the cake decorating section in the supermarket.
  • Amaretto  
  • Milk chocolate liqueur
  • White chocolate liqueur
  • Sprinkle of cocoa powder
  • Lady finger to serve
tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg

Add a splash of each liqueur starting at the top of the list. The layers will slowly merge together and create a marbled effect like the layers in a Tiramisu. 

tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg
tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg
Tiramisu Cocktail.jpg

You could add some cream to dilute the alcohol but I prefer my Tiramisu on the rocks.

tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg

Enjoy and sip it, slowly! 

tiramisu cocktail caketail.jpg

So what should I make next in this little Caketail series? I had a request through Twitter for a Black Forest Gateau but what's your favourite cake?!

ps. don't you think my Granny's faux fur made an awesome backdrop?!