Weekend Projects

3 whole days at home means 1 horsey birthday party, 1 trip to the SS Great Britain, 1 family photography session, 1 lunch with travelling friends on route from Devon, 1 dinner with friends in a beer garden with play equipment, 1 office move and lots of projects to finish.

Weekend Projects.jpg
  • 1 Home Project in association with Hobbycraft
  • 1 new craft station to build, 1 pair of new espadrilles to christen
  • 1 storage project
  • 1 confetti idea
  • 1 article to plug
  • 1 metallic tassel garland to finish

  • 1 Bento Babies lunch to make - block colour bento
  • 1 cake bunting post to draft in association with Hobbycraft
  • 1 quick washi tape DIY (that I haven't seen on Pinterest - shock horror!)
  • 1 stack of new magazines to discover properly with a cup of tea
  • 1 Product photography session to complete
  • 1 guest post to write up - me sans full make up
  • 1 set of edible flowers to play with
  • 1 set of shop photographs to finish and type up for Monday - I have got something very old and awesome to share.

What have you got planned for the bank holiday weekend? Three days of rest or three days of fun, or a mix of both?

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