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Capture by Lucy® is a multi-award winning lifestyle blog founded in 2012 by Lucy Heath, a natural light commercial photographer. It’s also the home of her original photo backdrops that were developed from Lucy's experience as a product photographer.

I am Lucy - a busy working mother juggling parenthood, product and brand photography work, this blog and my backdrop store. 

We are the Heath family - Richard and I met at school in the lower sixth form and got married in the school chapel in August 2005. Sammy was born in 2009 and Ollie completed our family in the summer of 2011. 

This blog is a curated collection of my stories featuring home interiors, holidays, recipe and craft ideas and inspiration for our renovations as we slowly breathe new life into very old walls. We bought a 300 year old farmhouse in September 2014 and call it our forever home. It's made for big family Christmases and where I hope our boys will make their strongest childhood memories. 

Blogging has changed dramatically since I started writing Capture by Lucy and like many others I have seen a shift towards Instagram becoming the most powerful and influential platform. I have worked hard to establish a loyal and engaged following of over 36k followers with a strong UK based audience as well as in the USA. 

As a family we work with like minded family and lifestyle brands to develop creative original marketing content, showcasing products and experiences to engage their target audience.

I regularly speak at conferences and events to help others develop their photography skills. In December 2016 I launched a backdrop store to empower the home photographer as well as supply professional photographers and videographers with a high quality flexible and portable backdrop product.

I am well respected and connected within the parenting and lifestyle blog communities and it's a pleasure to be part of the UK blog community. One of a new generation of entrepreneurial parents working around and with their children in a creative way. 

I write with one person in mind - you. I want you to feel as though we are sat together, on my sofa or in the garden with a cup of tea, talking like two old friends. For me blogging is about creating a digital album of memories for my millennial babies, being able to record the milestones but also all the everyday moments in between. Making the ordinary extraordinary for my remarkable boys.


2016 - Finalist MAD Blog Awards - Photography / Shortlist BiBs Awards - Photo / Nominated Amara Interiors Awards
2015 - Nominated Amara Interiors Awards - Craft
 Finalist BiBs Outstanding & Photo
2014 - Winner MAD Blog Awards - Photography / Winner BiBs Awards - Photo
2013 - Winner MAD Blog Awards - Photography / Finalist BiBs Awards - Photo

I am proud to work with well-loved British and International brands who share my positive family outlook. I champion brands who want to appeal to a discerning audience with quality, good value for money products, be that for the more affordable or luxury markets. Brands who want to reach an audience with a passion and appreciation for authentic, aspirational and styled content. 

I am thrilled to have been featured by a range of British and International brands:

With the help of my husband and boys we create engaging lifestyle content. A real family promoting and partnering with brands we love, in a positive and inspiring way. I am passionate about creating unique content for the brands I collaborate with, content that sits alongside their company blog style and ethos with high quality professional photography and original story telling in the copy. 

My aim is to connect with our shared followers and readers, and engage a wider audience with beautiful imagery that will be found long after the publish date.

Get in touch and let's see how we can collaborate.

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